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     Vodkila (pronounce Vod-Kee-la) is “The joy of being responsible”.  Vodkila is the new hybrid alcohol beverage that's 100% natural with no artificial flavor. It is the first vodka and tequila mix infused into one.  Vodkila is that immense transformation in how the world's spirits are formulated.  It's an exotic smooth distilled vodka made from the highest grain that's blended with the world's most unique tequila to achieve an unforgettable taste. It's packaged in a handcrafted borosilicate glass bottle that preserves the flavor and maintains optimum temperature. 


Vodkila was formulated in 2004 by Amarante Gold Member (A.G.M.).  At the time this prepared cocktail was well known in the streets of New York as “OneNight Stand Liquor”.  Vodkila was the brainchild of Local business owner Anthony Armstead who, together with A.G.M., had the passion to create the perfect mixed drink, whereas they were unable to find the proper blend in mixers, cocktails and pre-mixed drinks on the market. By then, Mr. Armstead & A.G.M. together began creating their own blends of distilled mixed vodka’s together with citrus fruits and just enough tequila, rum, and gin to formulate its extraordinary taste to be enjoyed by an energetic influential generation. As word spread about this new blended spirit throughout popular nightclubs, cocktail lounges, through self-promotions, and distribution; this drink became an instant hit. 


Without being able to trademark the name "One Night Stand", the formulation of the drink soon became the inspiration for the brands name change.  The double spirit VODKILA (VODKA +TEQUILA) was born, and has remained its exclusive attire to this day!

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